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frc::MecanumDrive::WheelSpeeds Struct Reference

Wheel speeds for a mecanum drive. More...

#include <frc/drive/MecanumDrive.h>

Public Attributes

double frontLeft = 0.0
 Front-left wheel speed. More...
double frontRight = 0.0
 Front-right wheel speed. More...
double rearLeft = 0.0
 Rear-left wheel speed. More...
double rearRight = 0.0
 Rear-right wheel speed. More...

Detailed Description

Wheel speeds for a mecanum drive.

Uses normalized voltage [-1.0..1.0].

Member Data Documentation

◆ frontLeft

double frc::MecanumDrive::WheelSpeeds::frontLeft = 0.0

Front-left wheel speed.

◆ frontRight

double frc::MecanumDrive::WheelSpeeds::frontRight = 0.0

Front-right wheel speed.

◆ rearLeft

double frc::MecanumDrive::WheelSpeeds::rearLeft = 0.0

Rear-left wheel speed.

◆ rearRight

double frc::MecanumDrive::WheelSpeeds::rearRight = 0.0

Rear-right wheel speed.

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