WPILibC++ 2023.4.3
formatter< Char[N], Char > Struct Template Reference

#include </home/runner/work/allwpilib/allwpilib/wpiutil/src/main/native/thirdparty/fmtlib/include/fmt/format.h>

Inheritance diagram for formatter< Char[N], Char >:
formatter< basic_string_view< Char >, Char >

Public Member Functions

template<typename FormatContext >
FMT_CONSTEXPR auto format (const Char *val, FormatContext &ctx) const -> decltype(ctx.out())
- Public Member Functions inherited from formatter< basic_string_view< Char >, Char >
 formatter ()=delete

Member Function Documentation

◆ format()

template<typename Char , size_t N>
template<typename FormatContext >
FMT_CONSTEXPR auto formatter< Char[N], Char >::format ( const Char *  val,
FormatContext &  ctx 
) const -> decltype(ctx.out())

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