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nt::StringPublisher Class Reference

NetworkTables String publisher. More...

#include </home/runner/work/allwpilib/allwpilib/ntcore/src/generated/main/native/include/networktables/StringTopic.h>

Inheritance diagram for nt::StringPublisher:
nt::Publisher nt::StringEntry

Public Types

using TopicType = StringTopic
using ValueType = std::string
using ParamType = std::string_view
using SmallRetType = std::string_view
using SmallElemType = char
using TimestampedValueType = TimestampedString

Public Member Functions

 StringPublisher ()=default
 StringPublisher (NT_Publisher handle)
 Construct from a publisher handle; recommended to use StringTopic::Publish() instead. More...
void Set (ParamType value, int64_t time=0)
 Publish a new value. More...
void SetDefault (ParamType value)
 Publish a default value. More...
TopicType GetTopic () const
 Get the corresponding topic. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from nt::Publisher
virtual ~Publisher ()
 Publisher (const Publisher &)=delete
Publisheroperator= (const Publisher &)=delete
 Publisher (Publisher &&)
Publisheroperator= (Publisher &&)
 operator bool () const
 Determines if the native handle is valid. More...
NT_Publisher GetHandle () const
 Gets the native handle for the publisher. More...
Topic GetTopic () const
 Gets the published-to topic. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from nt::Publisher
 Publisher ()=default
 Publisher (NT_Publisher handle)
- Protected Attributes inherited from nt::Publisher
NT_Publisher m_pubHandle {0}
 NetworkTables handle. More...

Detailed Description

NetworkTables String publisher.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ParamType

◆ SmallElemType

◆ SmallRetType

◆ TimestampedValueType

◆ TopicType

◆ ValueType

using nt::StringPublisher::ValueType = std::string

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StringPublisher() [1/2]

nt::StringPublisher::StringPublisher ( )

◆ StringPublisher() [2/2]

nt::StringPublisher::StringPublisher ( NT_Publisher  handle)

Construct from a publisher handle; recommended to use StringTopic::Publish() instead.

handleNative handle

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetTopic()

StringTopic nt::StringPublisher::GetTopic ( ) const

Get the corresponding topic.


◆ Set()

void nt::StringPublisher::Set ( ParamType  value,
int64_t  time = 0 

Publish a new value.

valuevalue to publish
timetimestamp; 0 indicates current NT time should be used

◆ SetDefault()

void nt::StringPublisher::SetDefault ( ParamType  value)

Publish a default value.

On reconnect, a default value will never be used in preference to a published value.


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