WPILibC++ 2024.3.2
nt::EventFlags Struct Reference

Event notification flags. More...

#include <ntcore_cpp.h>

Public Member Functions

 EventFlags ()=delete

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr unsigned int kNone = NT_EVENT_NONE
static constexpr unsigned int kImmediate = NT_EVENT_IMMEDIATE
 Initial listener addition. More...
static constexpr unsigned int kConnected = NT_EVENT_CONNECTED
 Client connected (on server, any client connected). More...
static constexpr unsigned int kDisconnected = NT_EVENT_DISCONNECTED
 Client disconnected (on server, any client disconnected). More...
static constexpr unsigned int kConnection = kConnected | kDisconnected
 Any connection event (connect or disconnect). More...
static constexpr unsigned int kPublish = NT_EVENT_PUBLISH
 New topic published. More...
static constexpr unsigned int kUnpublish = NT_EVENT_UNPUBLISH
 Topic unpublished. More...
static constexpr unsigned int kProperties = NT_EVENT_PROPERTIES
 Topic properties changed. More...
static constexpr unsigned int kTopic = kPublish | kUnpublish | kProperties
 Any topic event (publish, unpublish, or properties changed). More...
static constexpr unsigned int kValueRemote = NT_EVENT_VALUE_REMOTE
 Topic value updated (via network). More...
static constexpr unsigned int kValueLocal = NT_EVENT_VALUE_LOCAL
 Topic value updated (local). More...
static constexpr unsigned int kValueAll = kValueRemote | kValueLocal
 Topic value updated (network or local). More...
static constexpr unsigned int kLogMessage = NT_EVENT_LOGMESSAGE
 Log message. More...
static constexpr unsigned int kTimeSync = NT_EVENT_TIMESYNC
 Time synchronized with server. More...

Detailed Description

Event notification flags.

The flags are a bitmask and must be OR'ed together to indicate the combination of events desired to be received.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EventFlags()

nt::EventFlags::EventFlags ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ kConnected

constexpr unsigned int nt::EventFlags::kConnected = NT_EVENT_CONNECTED

Client connected (on server, any client connected).

◆ kConnection

constexpr unsigned int nt::EventFlags::kConnection = kConnected | kDisconnected

Any connection event (connect or disconnect).

◆ kDisconnected

constexpr unsigned int nt::EventFlags::kDisconnected = NT_EVENT_DISCONNECTED

Client disconnected (on server, any client disconnected).

◆ kImmediate

constexpr unsigned int nt::EventFlags::kImmediate = NT_EVENT_IMMEDIATE

Initial listener addition.

Set this flag to receive immediate notification of matches to the flag criteria.

◆ kLogMessage

constexpr unsigned int nt::EventFlags::kLogMessage = NT_EVENT_LOGMESSAGE

Log message.

◆ kNone

constexpr unsigned int nt::EventFlags::kNone = NT_EVENT_NONE

◆ kProperties

constexpr unsigned int nt::EventFlags::kProperties = NT_EVENT_PROPERTIES

Topic properties changed.

◆ kPublish

constexpr unsigned int nt::EventFlags::kPublish = NT_EVENT_PUBLISH

New topic published.

◆ kTimeSync

constexpr unsigned int nt::EventFlags::kTimeSync = NT_EVENT_TIMESYNC

Time synchronized with server.

◆ kTopic

constexpr unsigned int nt::EventFlags::kTopic = kPublish | kUnpublish | kProperties

Any topic event (publish, unpublish, or properties changed).

◆ kUnpublish

constexpr unsigned int nt::EventFlags::kUnpublish = NT_EVENT_UNPUBLISH

Topic unpublished.

◆ kValueAll

constexpr unsigned int nt::EventFlags::kValueAll = kValueRemote | kValueLocal

Topic value updated (network or local).

◆ kValueLocal

constexpr unsigned int nt::EventFlags::kValueLocal = NT_EVENT_VALUE_LOCAL

Topic value updated (local).

◆ kValueRemote

constexpr unsigned int nt::EventFlags::kValueRemote = NT_EVENT_VALUE_REMOTE

Topic value updated (via network).

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