WPILibC++ 2024.3.2
Instance Functions


NT_Inst nt::GetDefaultInstance ()
 Get default instance. More...
NT_Inst nt::CreateInstance ()
 Create an instance. More...
void nt::ResetInstance (NT_Inst inst)
 Reset the internals of an instance. More...
void nt::DestroyInstance (NT_Inst inst)
 Destroy an instance. More...
NT_Inst nt::GetInstanceFromHandle (NT_Handle handle)
 Get instance handle from another handle. More...

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

◆ CreateInstance()

NT_Inst nt::CreateInstance ( )

Create an instance.

Instance handle

◆ DestroyInstance()

void nt::DestroyInstance ( NT_Inst  inst)

Destroy an instance.

The default instance cannot be destroyed.

instInstance handle

◆ GetDefaultInstance()

NT_Inst nt::GetDefaultInstance ( )

Get default instance.

This is the instance used by non-handle-taking functions.

Instance handle

◆ GetInstanceFromHandle()

NT_Inst nt::GetInstanceFromHandle ( NT_Handle  handle)

Get instance handle from another handle.

handleentry/instance/etc. handle
Instance handle

◆ ResetInstance()

void nt::ResetInstance ( NT_Inst  inst)

Reset the internals of an instance.

Every handle previously associated with this instance will no longer be valid, except for the instance handle.