WPILibC++ 2024.3.2
nt::meta::SubscriberOptions Struct Reference

Subscriber options. More...

#include <ntcore_cpp.h>

Public Attributes

double periodic = 0.1
bool topicsOnly = false
bool sendAll = false
bool prefixMatch = false

Detailed Description

Subscriber options.

Different from PubSubOptions in this reflects only options that are sent over the network.

Member Data Documentation

◆ periodic

double nt::meta::SubscriberOptions::periodic = 0.1

◆ prefixMatch

bool nt::meta::SubscriberOptions::prefixMatch = false

◆ sendAll

bool nt::meta::SubscriberOptions::sendAll = false

◆ topicsOnly

bool nt::meta::SubscriberOptions::topicsOnly = false

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