Class Current


public class Current
extends Unit<Current>
Unit of electic current dimension.

This is the base type for units of current dimension. It is also used to specify the dimension for Measure: Measure<Current>.

Actual units (such as Units.Amps and Units.Milliamps) can be found in the Units class.

  • Method Details

    • times

      public Power times​(Unit<Voltage> voltage, String name, String symbol)
      Constructs a unit of power equivalent to this unit of electrical current multiplied by another unit of voltage. For example, Amps.times(Volts) will return a unit of power equivalent to one Watt; Amps.times(Millivolts) will return a unit of power equivalent to a milliwatt, and so on.
      voltage - the voltage unit to multiply by
      name - the name of the resulting unit of power
      symbol - the symbol used to represent the unit of power
      the power unit