Class VisionThread

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class VisionThread
extends Thread
A vision thread is a special thread that runs a vision pipeline. It is a daemon thread; it does not prevent the program from exiting when all other non-daemon threads have finished running.
See Also:
VisionPipeline, VisionRunner, Thread.setDaemon(boolean)
  • Constructor Details

    • VisionThread

      public VisionThread​(VisionRunner<?> visionRunner)
      Creates a vision thread that continuously runs a VisionPipeline.
      visionRunner - the runner for a vision pipeline
    • VisionThread

      public VisionThread​(VideoSource videoSource, P pipeline, VisionRunner.Listener<? super P> listener)
      Creates a new vision thread that continuously runs the given vision pipeline. This is equivalent to new VisionThread(new VisionRunner<>(videoSource, pipeline, listener)).
      Type Parameters:
      P - the type of the pipeline
      videoSource - the source for images the pipeline should process
      pipeline - the pipeline to run
      listener - the listener to copy outputs from the pipeline after it runs