Class SimulatedAnnealing<State>

Type Parameters:
State - The type of the state to optimize.

public final class SimulatedAnnealing<State>
extends Object
An implementation of the Simulated Annealing stochastic nonlinear optimization method.
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  • Constructor Details

    • SimulatedAnnealing

      public SimulatedAnnealing​(double initialTemperature, Function<State,​State> neighbor, ToDoubleFunction<State> cost)
      Constructor for Simulated Annealing that can be used for the same functions but with different initial states.
      initialTemperature - The initial temperature. Higher temperatures make it more likely a worse state will be accepted during iteration, helping to avoid local minima. The temperature is decreased over time.
      neighbor - Function that generates a random neighbor of the current state.
      cost - Function that returns the scalar cost of a state.
  • Method Details

    • solve

      public State solve​(State initialGuess, int iterations)
      Runs the Simulated Annealing algorithm.
      initialGuess - The initial state.
      iterations - Number of iterations to run the solver.
      The optimized stater.