WPILibC++ 2024.3.2
format_arg_store< Context, Args > Class Template Reference

\rst An array of references to arguments. More...

#include </home/runner/work/allwpilib/allwpilib/wpiutil/src/main/native/thirdparty/fmtlib/include/fmt/core.h>

Public Member Functions

template<typename... T>
FMT_CONSTEXPR FMT_INLINE format_arg_store (T &... args)


class basic_format_args< Context >

Detailed Description

template<typename Context, typename... Args>
class format_arg_store< Context, Args >

\rst An array of references to arguments.

It can be implicitly converted into ~fmtbasic_format_args for passing into type-erased formatting functions such as ~fmtvformat. \endrst

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ format_arg_store()

template<typename Context , typename... Args>
template<typename... T>
FMT_CONSTEXPR FMT_INLINE format_arg_store< Context, Args >::format_arg_store ( T &...  args)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ basic_format_args< Context >

template<typename Context , typename... Args>
friend class basic_format_args< Context >

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