WPILibC++ 2023.4.3
custom_value< Context > Struct Template Reference

#include </home/runner/work/allwpilib/allwpilib/wpiutil/src/main/native/thirdparty/fmtlib/include/fmt/core.h>

Public Types

using parse_context = typename Context::parse_context_type

Public Attributes

void * value
void(* format )(void *arg, parse_context &parse_ctx, Context &ctx)

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ parse_context

template<typename Context >
using custom_value< Context >::parse_context = typename Context::parse_context_type

Member Data Documentation

◆ format

template<typename Context >
void(* custom_value< Context >::format) (void *arg, parse_context &parse_ctx, Context &ctx)

◆ value

template<typename Context >
void* custom_value< Context >::value

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