Class Algorithm

Direct Known Subclasses:
AlignExposures, ArucoDetector, BackgroundSubtractor, BaseCascadeClassifier, CalibrateCRF, CharucoDetector, CLAHE, DenseOpticalFlow, DescriptorMatcher, Feature2D, GeneralizedHough, Layer, LineSegmentDetector, MergeExposures, SparseOpticalFlow, StatModel, StereoMatcher, Tonemap

public class Algorithm
extends Object
This is a base class for all more or less complex algorithms in OpenCV especially for classes of algorithms, for which there can be multiple implementations. The examples are stereo correspondence (for which there are algorithms like block matching, semi-global block matching, graph-cut etc.), background subtraction (which can be done using mixture-of-gaussians models, codebook-based algorithm etc.), optical flow (block matching, Lucas-Kanade, Horn-Schunck etc.). Here is example of SimpleBlobDetector use in your application via Algorithm interface: SNIPPET: snippets/core_various.cpp Algorithm